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"Oh…umm…h-hello dear traveler….W-welcome to the clearing….you may r-rest here if you like! or I can give you supplies if you need some….I’mnogoodattalKINGSORRY" *hides behind a nerby rock*
Open for questions!


((Ok beautiful people I have come with a question!! \oOo/
….you see, me and my friends are doing a project for a school event and we will be painting stuff we like/love on a Biiiig Canvas and I wanted to ask…..oh godh this will sound so cheesy sorry…
Would anyone like to be in it? ;u; I mean, I love all this community it always makes me happy, and you are all so cute and awesome and inspiring and ;u; I love your characters and hgacjhsajhsd sorryIshouldn’tbeaskingthisshouldI? *hides in a box of shame in a corner*))

You too guys! ;u; Because I love you all and your characters ;u; It would be like requesting? your character to be in my painting?m ;u; morelikeI’maskingforpermission)))



((Streaming now guys! Drawing gijinkas and ferals! Will accept suggestions and requests later UwU Just click the Pic!))

((Now taking requests guys! owo))



“Hello. I am busy preparing for the Days of Palkia, and then Mesprit suggested that it is turned into a kind of… Party… But there are conflicts with this since the ceremony is usually held up at Fogbound Lake. I am not to allow too many up here, for certain reasons.”

“But Mesprit then…

((Piano and Pepper will be Attending really soon!))


Hello guys~!! My name is Rabu and I’m the mod of ask-piano-and-pepper, asktwofirecanines and wandering-gijinkas !! Nice to meet you all <3
You may throw at me any questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them~
Btw, my first language is spanish so if I make any mistakes feel free to correct me! <3

((sdhdsjdas guess who’s part of the poke-muns now /)///w///(\ ))
((*whistles innocently*))


arent u a part of dis war 2??

plz dun do et I have little pops 2 take kare of;;;

r u sure

I can hurt u!

arent u a part of dis war 2??

plz dun do et I have little pops 2 take kare of;;;

((Fluffy club members:

  1. Pepper the Eevee (Fluffvee)
  2. Spice the Zigzagoon (Fluffgoon)
  3. Maya the zoruataur (Flufftaur)
  4. Latte the Lampent (Magical Fuzzy)
  5. Yip the Glaceon (honorary member in need of a Fluff transplant)

Yes this pleases the Rabu ewe ))